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CSGO Scout is the number one tool for any CSGO player, giving you insights on your teammates and opponents, optimal round buys and map tips!


Player Reports

Get insights on your teammates and opponents with our Player Reports!

Match Scout

Match Scout

Get Teammate and Opponent ranks & stats while in-game!

Economy Tool

Economy Tool

Optimal buy suggestions & automated buying at the press of a hotkey!

Map Tips

Map Tips

Strategies and tips on how to play both sides of every competitive map!


CSGO Scout is telling me to make my profile public, but it already is. How can I fix this?

Restart Overwolf and it should pick up that your profile is now public!

How do I submit my logs if I'm encountering issues?

Open your File explorer and copy this path, %LOCALAPPDATA%\Overwolf\Extensions\ fapejligaadndmabbodjgbelmekkknanacnkanig\ From here, choose the highest version number, zip your logs folder up and then send it to us via email, [email protected]

How do I change the account that I'm logged in with?

Right now the only way is to navigate to C:\ProgramData\csgoscout and then rename data.json - Then restart overwolf, launch the app and you can login again. Then all you need to do to swap back is the same thing, rename the other file back to data.json

My notifications for the Economy tool aren't showing up, how can I fix this?

Try running both Overwolf and CSGO as admin to see if that does the trick. If you're still having issues, contact us in the #csgo-scout-support channel on our discord, or via the form below.

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